Digital Learning Services Privacy Notice

Updated 11 Dec 2020

This Privacy Notice explains how personal information will be used by Pearson in relation to the digital learning products and services that link to this Privacy Notice. In this Privacy Notice we call these our "Services."

It covers the handling of personal information by Pearson as a data processor when institutional or corporate customers purchase access to our Services. It also covers the handling of personal information by Pearson as a data controller when individual consumers purchase access to our Services, and when the Services are used outside of an institutional setting.

Which services does this Privacy Notice apply to?

Services purchased by an institutional customer

How do the Services collect my personal information?

Will Pearson share my personal information with anyone else?

Marketing communications and opting out

For how long will Pearson keep personal information?

What if I am under 18 years old?

What rights do I have?

Contacting Pearson

Who is a user? And who is an institutional customer?

What personal information do these Services collect?

What is the legal basis for Pearson using my personal information?

What will Pearson do with my personal information?

How does Pearson keep personal information safe?

Will Pearson send my personal information to another country?

Misuse of personal information

Changes to this Privacy Notice